Celebrating the new year at Kigbal community

Education is key but food is life.

@hamnaf_sl it’s our tradition every Christmas or new year’s season to celebrate and bless our participants with food items, clothing and some school items.

All thanks to God Almighty for making provision for us to keep doing what we are doing; transforming lives through Education, Agriculture and Skills Empowerment.

For sponsorship or partnership contact+23230707245 or email: info@hamnaf.sl

Together we can build our nation and together we can empower each other live our best lives.

Have a blessed beautiful day fam.


Education is Key

Education is the backbone of every develop society as such #Hamnafsl for the past years have been complementing government efforts in providing school going materials to vulnerable and less privilege children especially the orphans in Dambala and Kigbal communities found in Bo and Portloko district respectively.

Every academic year different school going items such as; books, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, crayons, dictionaries, bags, uniforms, vests, socks, shoes and many more are provided to these children to see that they go to school and have a future that would be productive to not only them but the society and the country at large.

Join us create a society of elite visionaries. Together we can build the Mama Salone we all desire and want to see.

To sponsor or partner with us, you can reach us on WhatsApp on this number; +23230707245.



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