Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Finding Balance in your Life as a Youth

In this busy world we live in, change is constantly happening; as such, maintaining a balance lifestyle is a struggle we all go through but one we must have to experience that peace and harmony of life. This episode is about some tips that will help guide us live that balance life.

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Finding Balance in your Life as a Youth

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Social media is great, it’s a means of connecting with our loved ones; far and near all over the world. In as much as it has it great aspect we shouldn’t forget that is has it negatives. You shouldn’t share pictures or videos that are inappropriate, or engage in sexting.


Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast talking about the things we shouldn’t share on social media.


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Creating Your Desired Story

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:

Creating Your Desired Story


Your past doesn’t define you. Most of us have gone through tough times, we have been discriminated against, ridiculed, molested and shamed.


Your story doesn’t have to end there, there is a lot ahead of you, victories, success, breakthroughs, uncountable blessings but all you have to do is decide to go on and make that possible by creating a path that will lead you to it.


This episode is for those of us that has a past that needs to be laid to rest and then focus on that glorious future.


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Health Tips for women

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:

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Happy International Youth Day


Be Youthful and Useful

Happy International Youth Day to all our leaders out there. As a young person you are a leader in that society, community you find yourself.

This is not the time for war, we are way past that. It’s time for peace, being productive and transforming your lives and that of others around you.

Engage yourself, learn a skill or two, start a small business or volunteer to do something that will enhance you to be a better version of yourselves. Just keep busy doing something positive. Avoid violence, things that will bring unrest to our country. Let’s share the love and peace always.


Service to Humanity

Service to humanity

We the youths can and are changing the face of the world. Our service to humanity start with Volunteerism, Community Service and Servant Leadership in creating the society we want to see.

This year Youth Day of Service starting August 12th to 18th themed #youthfulanduseful I will be leading a project of #Cleaning and Sensitizing the Tombo Wharf Community on General Hygiene.

The cleaning and sensitization of the Tombo Wharf Community is aim at creating a healthy, safe and clean environment for the community people. Moreover, health is wealth and cleaning the community will reduce the number of diseases, sicknesses and gives community people a chance of living healthier and happier lives.

Introduction to the community and launching of the project, done and dusted😊 to the glory of God.

To partner or sponsor this project contact on WhatsApp+23230707245 or call +232 88 611648 / +23231077527